Beyond The Victory

Founded on the idea of hanging out and creating music, Beyond The Victory exists! They absolutely love music and being able to create it is the next best thing. They are musicians, waiting to be heard. Beyond The Victory is a 5-piece metal group tearing up their hometown of Prince George, VA and soon…the world. The band has been in existence for a year and a half but not with its current lineup. Originally, they had other guys holding down the guitar and vocal departments but ended up amicably splitting ways. The 3 surviving original members (Adam, Jeremy and Andraey) recruited Stephen on guitar and eventually held try outs for lead vocal duties. Mark landed the job as front man and the band has never looked back since. Countless factors drive them to become better writers, and stronger performers. A complicated rhythm, to a melodic chorus pattern, inspiration lurks everywhere in our day to day lives. That's what it's about for them. No matter what the genre, music is everywhere, and so are the possibilities. A couple of individuals with motivation is all it takes to make the possibilities, endless. Fun Fact About Each member: Stephen (Guitar/Vocals) – likes to sing to himself in the shower Jeremy (Guitar) – is not Mexican Andraey (Bass) – only swims in speedos Adam (Drums) – believes Peace Green tea is Better than Arizona Green tea Mark (Vocals) – enjoys creeping on little girls Beyond The Victory has shared the stage with bands like: Scarlet O'Hara, The Plo...

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