Beyond the Shore

Among the thousands of metal/hardcore bands under the stars these days, its rare to find a band with a positive message and unique music. With lyrics depicting both spiritual as well as heart-felt messages, this band has been captivating their audience and taking the stage by storm. BEYOND THE SHORE is a mix of metal and hardcore, which results in a metal-core band ready to explode when they take the stage. From hammering melodic riffs followed by explosive breakdowns, machine gun sounding drums and such brutal vocals comes a band of close friends that are blessed to do what they love so passionately. Blasting onto the music scene in early 2008, seemingly coming out of nowhere, BEYOND THE SHORE is quickly, but humbly making a name for themselves in the ever-growing hardcore scene. Relentlessly booking shows, touring and balancing school at the same time, they still manage to leave every audience breathless. Sharing the stage with such acts as Born Of Osiris, Shai Hulud, Mychildren Mybride, Of Machines, After The Burial and many more, BEYOND THE SHORE have created quite a buzz for themselves in the little time they have been around. The band recently recorded their debut album The Arctic Front out of Lambesis Studios (As I Lay Dying, War Of Ages, Austrian Death Machine, Impending Doom, Underneath The Gun) in San Marcos, California. Produced by Kelly Cairns, the band's debut album The Arctic Front has already built a massive internet buzz since the release of the single S...

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