Beyond Visible (adj.) - Those frequencies of light which are outside the range of human perception, i.e. infrared, ultraviolet, x-ray light... There is a world that exists outside of what you can touch and see. Music is an experience that falls into that realm beyond the visible world. It is something you feel, rather than observe or perceive. Just as instruments must be used to allow our eyes to observe infrared and ultraviolet light, so must instruments be used in portraying emotion to our hearts. Language is a limited vehicle for conveying thoughts and feelings. What cannot be expressed when words fall short is articulated precisely through music. These are the ideas that motivated BeyondVisible to come together and create, the ideas that inspired their name, and the ideas that continue to drive them to share their vision with the world. With a sound that ranges from bone crunching heaviness with blistering, searing leads to the delicate fragility of the final fallen Autumn leaves, BeyondVisible's songs span the spectrum of raw human emotion. Their recorded material is sure to impress. Engineered by Eric Rachel of Trax East recording studio, whose resume includes a number of multi-platinum albums and body of work includes such acts as Skid Row, Hatebreed, God Forbid, and The Misfits. Their stage experience includes performing for thousands at such notable venues as The Starland Ballroom and The Stone Pony opening for national acts, as well as playing to a more intimate loc...

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