Bez Mezh

“Bez Mezh” was created in 2009 by Dmytro Ignatov (guitar),Olexandr Ignatov (keyboards) and Rostik Yaremko (bass). Later they got acquainted with Stas Kotljar (vocals) whom they found in the Internet and Alex Shelest (drums) who had some experience in working with Olexandr in the project “Zoryana”.They both joined the band. All the participants have different musical tastes including Dream Theater, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Korn, Metallica, Motley Crue, Ani Lorak, Chemical Brothers, Alice Cooper, Porcupine Tree, Yngwie Malmsteen. All these bands have a strong impact on them, but there are many others. They relate their style to prog-metal, though they don’t confine themselves to one definite style and are always experimenting and in search of new sound, new ideas. The history of “Bez Mezh” is short so far, though all its participants have experience in playing with different bands and projects. At present they are in process of creating demo album. Line- up: Stas Kotljar - vocals,bass Alex Shelest - drums Olexandr Ignatov - keyboards Dmytro Ignatov - guitar VKontakte page - MySpace official page - Free tracks can be downloaded here : Гурт Без МеЖ був сформований у 2009 р. гітаристом Дмитром Ігнатовим, клаві...

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