Bez Panike

Bez Panike is pop/punk/rock band formed in december 1995 as a reaction of 4 teenagers on fast growing underground scene in their town Cakovec. Already at the begining, the band becomes in touch with d.i.y. philosophy and soon recorded a split garage demo with their friends, the Grasshoppers, which was released by local punk fanzine “Erzikej”. This demo mostly contained punk classic covers and few of their own songs. But their first authoring studio tape, called “Stvarnost”, was recorded (and released by themselves) in summer 1996. From this point, Bez Panike starts to play in other parts of Croatia and outside of country (from december 1995 till august 1996 band played mostly on local gigs and festivals). This was also a period when, drummer Nicky left the band and Kreso, who played drums in hc/punk band Panty Waists from Prelog (15 km from Cakovec), took his place. This change reflected on band`s sound so their music become little faster, but the melodies in their songs still remained. After that, nothing seriously changed in Bez Panike`s life. The band continued playing and recording stuff, so at the begining of 1997 they went to studio again and recorded 2 new songs for split 7” with German band Mars Moles, which was released in april 1997 by Zivjela Komercijala Records from Prelog and Rabauz Records from Germany, two little independent punk labels... In the same time they appear on different compilations, like benefit tape for “Attack!” in Zagreb etc...At th...

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