Bez ladu a skladu

An Alternative rock band from Slovakia with excelent singer Michal Ka???k. At this time, band is inactive, with exception of occassional gigs. Now, Ka???k is an organiser of the biggest festival in Slovakia, called Pohoda... Bez ladu a skladu are considered to be one of the most influential bands within the czechoslovak underground / rock community during the 90?s. For some reason, the conditions for music were somehow more free in Slovakia, than in Bohemia (Czechia). Those two countries were once the federal republic in the past, using one flag and so on... Basically, the Slovakian artists were more free-minded, and also more of the alternative slovakian acts had bigger chance to hit the mainstream. It is difficult to say why it was like that, but the common opinion says, that the general communist goverment puppets were more focused on the dissident affairs in Prague instead of watching talented slovakian bads carefully... Just a short examle - first Bez ladu a skladu LP release (selftitled) was issued in 1990, shortly after communstic regime was thrown away... But! - Bez ladu a skladu were performing the songs from that album many years before that fantanstic thing happened... And also the lyrical side of the music was really straight in the matter of hitting the communists in the hidden way (great examples are the songs Odtnit? mu hlavu (Cut his head off..), Udava? (Informer/Whisperer), G?nov? in?enier (Genetic Engenier? and P??t? v?etci modr?m perom! (Everyone use th...

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