Bhangra Brothers

BHANGRA BROTHERS Soni Mutear Worldmusic Recordings by Ausfahrt Musikverlag GmbH. AUS 3032-2 The great boom in all things Bollywood and Indian was sparked off by a single smash hit: „Mundian To Bach Ke“ by Panjabi MC. Manmander Singh Kahi has performed the song with Panjabi MC on all the major stages of the world. After that great success, Manmander Singh Kahi and Gurinder Singh Bewas founded a new band – the „Bhangra Brothers“ – a riveting cocktail of the East and West. HipHop beats meet instruments from the party vibes of western India. The band represents a new form of expression for the cultural and musical movement. Since they were founded, the „Bhangra Brothers“ have been touring as a live band together with Panjabi MC. Now at last, the long awaited debut album „Soni Mutear“ has been released. The Bhangra Brothers, whose musicians are Manmander Singh Kahi and Gurinder Singh Bewas, present „Soni Mutear“, an album that was recorded in England and is very much in the style of the British Bhangra club culture, joining forces with the production team Northstar Productions and other producers such as Panjabi MC, RDB, Sean Finn and Pit Baley. The expressive duo are cousins and got together two years ago, wearing their traditional turbans as a visual expression of Sikh Indian club beat culture, spreading the message throughout the western musical world. The Bhangra Brothers are already cult in the Bollywood & Bhangra community: No band in the same genre was hired mo...

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