Bholoja (Mbongiseni Ngubane) Gifted with a multi-colored, intrepid voice and a talent for writing songs that reflect on the daily life and unique culture of the people of his homeland, Bholoja (Mbongiseni Ngubane) is one of Swaziland's greatest artists. His blending of Southern African traditions, including mbira, sitolotolo, and the traditional drumming styles, has created such a unique sound that is appreciated by audiences of different races. Bholoja is one of the few genuine innovators on the Swazi music scene that will be instrumental in strengthening not only Swaziland but also Africa's pride, socially, politically, and economically. Bholoja's journey to greatness is inevitable and the world cannot wait for his unveiling. Nationality, Swazi. Born: Hhohho, Swaziland, 1979. It is easier to describe Bholoja as an African than to pin him down to national boundaries. So too with the music of this multi-instrumentals, which draws on influences including the unique Swazi cultures, and other world musicians like Ismael Lo, Salif Keita and Oliver Mtukudzi. Yet apart from the individuality of his music, Bholoja's enduring popularity is largely a result of his powers as a lyricist. Most of his songs focus on the social and economic issues that govern people's daily lives and, with an infectious sense of humour and optimism that prevails through all his music, his appeal extends to young and old alike. Bholoja has mesmerized audiences on countless stages and has performed alongside...

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