Bia Krieger

Bia was born in Brazil. During the years of the military dictatorship, her parents were forced into exile. They moved to Chile, then Peru and finally Portugal. She was 12 when the family went back to their homeland after the Amnisty Law. For a few years she was just a kid going to school and listening to music, brazilian music but also latin-american or anglo-saxon pop music, singing and playing guitar to her friends. Then she enters the University (Journalism) and disappointment comes : the scholar world seems too narrow for someone who’s been travelling since age 3. She chooses to take a break and go Europe for a year. It finally became years. Bia spends a few years sailing around the Atlantic and Mediterranean, learning more about nature, literature, languages, music and politics than she would in any school. In 1995, she decides she won’t be anything else but a musician, and starts going professional. She is living in France and so she sings in French as well as in her mother tongue, Portuguese, or Spanish that she had learned as a child. In 1996, French author and producer Pierre Barouh offers her a first opportunity to record, after listening to her demo : This first album is called « La Mémoire du Vent », and earns an important prize, the « Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros ». She signs translations in French of some of the songs of the great brazilian songwriter Chico Buarque, who warmly and publicly encourages her. In 1998 she sings the soundtrack...

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