Biber is a Serbian band, a vocal-instrumental crossover between ambient, electro, acoustic, and traditional ethno and modern pop sounds, which is pretty unique in this region and they find their strength in this very eclectic mixture. The band was founded by professional musician Rastko Aksentijevic, who plays acoustic guitar, tambourine, shargija (a simple long-necked lute), and saxophone. Other members of the band include Bojan Vasic (piano and keyboards), Milorad Kocic (programmer), and Goran Simpraga (sound engineer and producer). For many years, they have been composing, playing together, producing and arranging music for other Serbian artists. Their first album is a logical step forward to focus their energy on experimenting and searching for new sounds. The unique sound of the musical project Biber is a result of fusing ethnic music of Balkans with different music genres. Songs on the self-titled debut album lead the listener to a voyage through different moods and musical spaces: from lyrical ballads and traditional dances to electronic music influenced numbers. To give the best possible representation of their music in concerts, for live work Biber draws other musicians as members of collective on various instruments - male and female vocals, different string instruments such as saz, sargija, classical guitar and tambura, wind instruments as bagpipes, kaval and frula, different percussive instruments and all this combined with modern instruments and sequenced rhyth...

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