Bibicu’s music journey began when he was a kid with piano lessons he took for 8 years. Now it has been some time since Bibicu started to experience the knowledge of electronic music. There are two tracks that changed his life: Sasha’s “Xpander” and John Digweed`s smash hit “Heaven Scent”. Bibicu made his first small DJ gig at club Kilowatts in his hometown Sighisoara back in 2005 in the underground club which rised the electronic music scene in the area and also helped Bibicu decide what to do in this area. After several nights he met an old friend - Alecs Kay (another techno/electro lover) and they started to make big plans for the future. After a month Bibicu and Alecs established the “Knights For Knowledge” project with several successful parties in Romania. By the end of July 2006 they promoted another project, called “We Love Summer Nights” with 4 consecutive parties at the medieval festive period. People from around the country came to dance all night long on live sets by Bibicu, Alecs Kay, Kingnon, Aviator, Task Kreed and Limpid (BrainWashed). Later on Bibicu was asked the question what was the reward for preparing and promoting the events. His answer was that it’s very hard to organize something like that because people are still not used to this kind of parties. “When you scream and raise your hands in front of the DJ you thank him in a way. It wasn’t happening in the beginning but after a couple of attempts everything came to its place. ...

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