Biblecode Sundays

Formerly known as Slainte, they were voted Best Band on the London Circuit[1] 2006 in The Irish World awards. The lads picked up the award in at a big ceremony in Feb and after their performance on the night were described as a breath of fresh air for Irish music. They were never content to just be a local band playing other people's music and harboured ambitions of reaching a world-wide audience. They played the circuit for a few years with various friends and line ups until they finally settled on the one we see today. They began to pool their lyrics and bits and pieces of songs that had been written over the years, they also wrote brand new songs (including 3 songs especially for Mike O'Dea's Boston-Irish movie 'Townies') and the results surprised even the band members themselves. They hit the studio and within a few weeks had recorded an album which exceeded even their own expectations. They decided a name change was necessary due to there being a vast number of bands worldwide named 'Slainte', it had served them well on the London scene but the new music deserved a new name. 'The BibleCodeSundays' name came about from regular Sunday gigs and drink-fuelled conversations about conspiracy theories etc. These weekly gigs/sessions became known as 'BibleCode Sundays'. The mix of traditional Irish and modern music forms the unique sound which is 'The BibleCodeSundays', it speaks from the hearts of the band members and, they hope, for the Irish communities all over the world. ...

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