There are 2 bands with the name Biblical: 1. Singer, California 2. Rock band, Toronto, Ontario. 1. Biblical is a cultural singjay who's part of the up-and-coming Oneness Sound/Higher Bound Productions collective from Northern California, whose output in 2007 includes albums from Sista Kat, Ishence and a collaboration with Midnite, Bless Go Roun, that will certainly help put their names on the tips of reggae fans' tongues. Also helping is the high quality of Inborn Precepts, Biblical's debut, a triumphant album that should find favor with fans of Midnite in particular. Biblical's vocal delivery has a striking, Vaughn Benjamin-like flow, more rhythmic than melodic, with a chanting feel. Ishence's music is likewise in line with Midnite's low-key, occasionally hip-hop-inclined roots, and even the spelling on titles like Let Luv In, Eyez Can See, and Bee Worthy smack of Midnite's influence. This isn't to say that Biblical is some sort of Benjamin clone, however; his voice itself is quite different -- something more akin to Soldiers of Jah Army -- and he makes a statement as an artist in his own right with the wonderful material here. Tunes like Jah Works, Let Luv In, Deliver the Poor, and Eyez Can See are funky, rootsy, righteous, and sincere and are hopefully a sign of things to come from Oneness Sound/Higher Bound. See for info. 2. Formed in Toronto, Canada during the spring of 2010, BIBLICAL is the sound of mountains splitting and oceans parting. Uni...

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