In 1983, the MC we now know as Bicasso heard the Fat Boys' first album and was immediately inspired to master the art of the beatbox. In eighth grade Bicasso competed in the school talent show with his partner Funky Fresh B. Bicasso beatboxed while B rapped (using a rhyme Bicasso wrote) and they ended up finishing second. Bicasso continued on his path in music and over time has been known as MC Profit, Slick X, Safari and later as Bizarro when he DJ'd for the Mystik Journeymen. Bicasso first hooked up with the Journeymen while he was attending Humboldt State. He later recorded a song with the Journeymen during a visit to Oakland and not too long after, he decided to drop out of school. Bicasso bought an MPC2000 and moved down to Oakland and into the infamous Outhouse, where the Living Legends crew was taking shape. Bicasso's musical influences range from N.W.A to Jimi Hendrix to Prince. He credits his early exposure to music to his pops' large collection of records. He also draws inspiration from drawing/illustration and visual art is definitely as much part of Bicasso's creative life as music. Bicasso's 2003 album For Rent is currently in stores. The Many Faces of... BICASSO limited-edition CD drops March 15, 2005. ©2007 Legendary Music Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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