Bichi was founded a few years back by Danish producer, Tobias Wilner, as an outlet for his solo ideas when not being a busy part of the electronica-pop group, Blue Foundation. Having released Eps and two critically acclaimed albums via April Records and EMI and another one under construction its a wonder he actually finds the time to produce his own sounds for various dance perfomances and film work and now also a full debut album for Hobby. With Bichi, Tobias has the full control of the output, which is more instrumental and focusing more on digital beat manipulation compared to the band sound. Tobias still invited fellow members of Blue Foundation to participate on Notwithstanding, to add various instruments such as cellos, doublebass and guitar for him to further manipulate. Vocal comes courtesy of Sara Savery. This album is about focusing on letting the machines and plugins do the magic in collaboration with manipulated acoustic instruments. This could be what people call Indietronica, but we think its just Bichi. With Notwitstanding Tobias has succeseded in creating a fine balanced and layered album for people like us to enjoy. Hobby and Bichi collaborated on the release including the design concept, which resulted in unique art by local artists, Le-Fix. Le-Fix is known for the overall design and graphic works for Alis skateboards, clothing line and their artwork for Uarms. Accompaning lyrics by Blue Foundation member, Scott Martingell a.k.a MC Jabber. Web: http://ww...

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