Clamoring deafeningly above the trembling soundscape, there stands the Biclops. Just as the mythical beast glares parallel, staring down with depth perception unscathed, so too does the musical beast assault its instruments with two wrathful hands. One eye upon the metal, one upon some artsy-fartsy progressive band with a pretentious title, the Biclops unfurls its arms to ensnare all of your musical portfolio, and then crushes their skulls into a mass more dense than the center of the sun. Members Seth Rheam (Drums), Brett Bamberger (Bass), and Chris Alfano (Guitar, Vocals) first bared their teeth in the seminal Postman Syndrome, a Chimera that garnered notoriety for splicing genres. After a limb adjustment which reduced its talons from five to four, and the collapse of several labels, the entity evolved into Day Without Dawn. It then proceeded to release an ep and album before once more purging itself in the fires of rebirth, and assimilating Kevin Conway (Guitar, Vocals). Biclops is the visage that emerged from that flame, a promethean icon of towering aural godhood. Lock away your children and weep. Three new Biclops tracks, from their Summer 2008 4-song demo, have just been uploaded to the site. The band is in the process of completing the rest of their debut record, which they plan on releasing in 2009 through a to-be-determined label. In the meantime local shows and weekend runs are being booked. A longer tour may follow this winter. - Chris Alfano / guitar, vocals...

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