The BIERPATRIOTEN were founded in the early 90ies, shortly after the wall came down. We were one of the first Oi!-Bands from East Germany in that time and became a spearhead, front people to a new Skinhead-movement. We were messing with all the political do-gooders, no matter if left wing or right wing. The concerts were attended by Punks, Skins, Hooligans, HC and Metalheads and if the political idiots managed to behave themselves there were nights that nobody would forget too quickly. After the early days of the first release Randale, Pogo, Alcohol (Riot, Pogo, Alcohol) the band constantly developed musically and lyrically and connected the raw Punk and Oi! More and more with elements of Hardcore and Metal - Streetcore was born! The result was the over-the-top-album Geh mit Gott (Walk with god) - a dark and brutal masterpiece. After countless concert riots, drunken away nights and hoorayed shows followed the split of the band in 2000, due to personal reasons. For five years we stayed without contact. Schulle to found Toxpack while Ielai, S?ren and Tetzel played for Turbolover. In 2005 first contacts amongst each other formed again. The first result of these was the sold-out show in Klockow. A cramped venue celebrated BIERPATRIOTEN enthusiastically - it was a journey back in time. Sometimes the audience was louder than the band and the security had to do all their best to save the stage from collapsing under the feet of countless enlightened stage-invaders. Since not everybod...

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