There are multiple artists with this name: 1. Bifrost was a progressive pagan thrash metal band from the Netherlands. The band formed in 1992. They released a demo (Western Magick) and two albums Pagan Reality in 1995 and The Wildest Fire in 1996. After a short split-up they reformed as CONQUERED MY FEAR, recorded another demo and then morphed back to be BIFROST for a final album called Mythistory in 1998. They were very influenced by CELTIC FROST and SABBAT (UK). Their first two albums are still available at this website 2. Bifrost is a Danish rock band that is considered one of the last of the Danish flower power revolution bands. Has the most lastfm listeners of the various bands named Bifrost in 2012. Founded in 1974, the band consisted of Tom Lundén, Ida Klemann, Finn Jensen, Torben Andersen, Asger Skjold-Rasmussen, Mogens Ficher as well as the singer Peter Gundorph better known as Annapurna. Later lineup- John Teglgaard, Knut Henriksen, Jeppe Reipurth, Mikael Miller and Pia Cohn. The band is best known for the songs Hej Maria (Hello, Maria) Det er morgen (It's Morning) Mens lyset brænder ud (While the light burns out)-(Which was used as the jingle for the national news (Denmarks Radio) for many years, all written by Tom Lundén. While leading Bifrost, Lundén also wrote the 1976 protest song I kan ikke slå os ihjel (You cannot kill us) as an anthem for the revolutionary hippie commune of Christiania. Between 1976 and 1987, Bifrost released seven albums on the CB...

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