Big Al Davies

Big Al Davies is a singer-Songwriter from South Wales in the UK. He started his career as a drummer in a band called Pyjama Souffle in 1985 and then quickly moved to keyboards with the B Days before forming Doc Savage with Pete Lawrence. He left before the band started gigging and was found as a solo artist playing the South Wales pub circuit as a rootsy one man band. He also formed the Country-Roots duo the Caerphillybillies. He can be found these days writing quirky pop on many instruments including the ukulele. He appears on the Martin Newell tribute album (Re:Newell, on cutting hedge records 2000) and his solo releases include God and Fish 1988 and Guts for Garters 1990 he released the album Feztastic on 18th May 2007 and the animation of Frascati Halloween was issued on Treemo and youtube as a taster, the animation was completed by Ron Bookless in a Terry Gilliam style. His songs are varied in style from Americana with a Welsh accented twist to pop, Electronica and sea shanties, unable to stay in area for too long, however his recent material may prove that he has settled into a familiar groove. Big Al Davies has also appeared infrequently as a DJ on GTFM radio in South Wales playing a mix of his obsessions of Eccentric music and comedy which usually includes a mix of Psychedelia, surrealism, Comedy, and Folk. His first real debut album was released on 18th May 2007 and is called Feztastic with 14 songs written over the years. He Followed this up in December 200...

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