Big Ballin' Tony Z

Big Ballin’ Tony Z was born in the small town of Ferndale, WA. He was a small town boy in a small town world sheltered from reality with only MTV and the 5:00 news broadcast to give him any insight into the real world of hip hop. Once he graduated high school with honors he moved to Seattle, WA. where his life changed for good. Not knowing what Tony Z was doing in life he moved to the Central District township of Seattle where he was instantaneously lured by the glamour and glitz of the street gang life. Tony started selling drugs, selling hookers, selling bootleg DVDs, anything he could to make the almighty dollar. He sniffed cocaine on the daily and had a new girl every night. Tony started performing at local rap contests; not to better himself as a musician, but to promote his drug/prostitution business publicly. Little did he know but this bad mistake would change his life for the best. Before the end of the year he did manage to record a few notable tracks including Plastic Fuckers with The Ruthless Kase OC (later becoming Mango Dunks) and Infections featuring Nasty Nicole. His gang also was wanted by the double chicken crew. In November of 2004 Tony Z was shot 50 times and left for dead at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in the CD. He was brought to the hospital and treated until he was out of ICU and then transferred to St. Joseph’s in Bellingham, WA. This is where things changed for Big Ballin’. For the next couple weeks Tony recovered in the hospital room ...

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