Big Big Train

BIG BIG TRAIN is a progressive rock band based in Bournemouth, England. The band currently consists of founder members Andy Poole and Gregory Spawton, vocalist David Longdon, Nick D'Virgilio (drums) and Dave Gregory (guitars). Big Big Train have released six albums including the critically acclaimed The Underfall Yard. Big Big Train was formed in 1990. A demo cassette tape of the band's first songs, recorded on 8-track, was released in October 1991 and was followed by a handful of live performances. The demo tape 'From the River to the Sea' was re-recorded and released as a self-financed CD in May 1992, following which BBT played some higher profile gigs in England. In January 1993, a second demo tape, 'The Infant Hercules' was released and the band then spent the next six months writing the music for its first proper album, 'Goodbye to the Age of Steam'. This was recorded in a two week period in July 1993. Soon afterwards, BBT signed to the progressive rock label GEP, where they found themselves as label mates of IQ. 'Goodbye to the Age of Steam' was a big leap forward for the band, both in terms of songwriting and recording quality. The response to the album was very positive, culminating in a licencing deal in Japan where the CD was re-released in 1995, with a bonus track. In the meantime, Ian Cooper had left the band (for family rather than musical reasons) and live performances were put on hold while a replacement was sought and a new album written. Recording of ...

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