Big Blue Barry

Imagine a steel cage match between Sevendust and Linkin Park with Joe Satriani as the referee... That is the perfect way to describe the music of Barry French aka Big Blue Barry. Barry, or Big Blue as his friends call him, has been writing and playing music for over two decades now. He began his musical journey in the small town of London, Kentucky as a drummer, playing every Sunday at his local church. Soon after that, he learned the guitar and a whole new world opened up to him: the world of songwriting. After many years of playing in bands Barry made the decision in the summer of 2007 to focus solely on song writing and song production. Within a few months he had landed 4 co-writes with the artist Eowyn for her third album, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Travis Wyrick. The first single, Silent Screams, which rose to #17 on the National R&R Christian Rock Charts and the second single, Life, were two of his four co-writes. Then in early 2009, Barry started signing publishing deals with multiple music libraries. Soon after that, placements followed. In addition to the multiple library deals, he also landed a spot as a composer with Harpo Productions writing music for The Dr. Oz Show, as well as scoring some original music for an independent documentary film entitled To Be One and a short film entited Beyond The Shadows. He completed an exclusive album for a publisher in London, England that released in March of 2010 as well as finishing up the debut album for Crushi...

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