Big Brovaz

Big Brovaz is a music group from London that plays pop music with influences from HipHop and RnB. They took part in the British national final of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with a song called Big Bro Thang. The group Big Brovaz originally comprised of three girls, Cherise, Dion, Nadia and three boys, J-Rock, Flawless and Randy, plus two producers Skillz a.k.a JJC, who also manages his group 419 squad, and Fingaz. The group have been compared to the likes of The Fugees and OutKast. The group were brought together by Fingaz, one of the collective's producers, who already worked under the title Big Brovaz. The Big Brovaz team asked the individual members to showcase their talent alongside underground London R&B and hop hop artists on a compilation that was being put together, entitled Big Brovaz - Watching You. On the album, rather than giving each member an individual track, the producers decided to make the artists work together and perform on the same track. The chemistry between all of the members developed and so, the Big Brovaz compilation album in fact became the group. The Big Brovaz - Watching You compilation was a heavily successful underground release and sold over two thousand copies on the underground alone. The live shows to promote the release built up the reputation of the producers and artists on the record. A track from the album which featured West London R&B singer Cherise was picked up by the organiser of the annual MOBO award organisers and she wa...

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