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There are three groups named Big City: ================================================================================ 1. Big City is a 5-piece English-singing band from Zaragoza & Madrid, Spain. Formed in 2000, they’ve played with the likes of Wilco, Calexico, Bill Callahan, Aislers Set and Echo & The Bunnymen, among others. They have released three LPs (the baroque “A Spring Of Summers (2003)”, the personal pop masterpiece “Call An Ambulance (2006)”, and their own even-more-personal Sister Lovers-like «Celebrate It All (2010)»), and also a bunch of tracks in the usual tribute and compilation albums. Some say they rock, some say they’re intelligently indie, some say they’re intense, real and whatnot, some say they’re pure delicuiously crafted sad Alt-Pop. ‘Celebrate It All’ has just been released on I+D Music in CD and vinyl, after Eureka/Naked Man Recordings released ‘The Smiths’, a white vinyl only 7», in 2009. The compilation ‘The Brugal Years’ was released on Grabaciones en el Mar last year too. ‘Call An Ambulance’ was released in 2006 on King Of Patio Records in Spain and Naked Man Recordings in UK/America. A 12” EP for the UK was released too, in 2007. A mere six (uh) years ago ‘A Spring Of Summers’ was released in the US via Happy Happy Birthday To Me and on Grabaciones En El Mar for the rest of the world. Let’s sum up: Celebrate It All LP – (I+D Music, 2010) The Brugal Years 2CD (GELMAR, 2009) The Smiths vs. Finland ...

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