Big City Nights

They knew from day one they would never see fame or anything remotely close to it with this endeavour, but in the words of Robert Pollard, we began making records anyway, just to have them. That's right. Just to have them. Lord knows they have nothing else. They have no diplomas, no degrees. They are drop-outs. They are losers. They are full-time failures. Doomed to obscurity. Born to bar band. Kind quotes from kind folks: 'On their second full length record “A Steamroller Named Desire,” The Big City Nights Band has taken steps toward mastering the sound of friends hanging out together having fun drinking beer.' - Kyle Rindinella, Currents Magazine review of A Steamroller Named Desire (2008) 'You guys are the AC/DC of country' - Barn Owl 'Brash indie-rock that's high-energy and candid, the type of gritty yet melodic sound that's fearless, upbeat, and that pours out from the stage.' - Lonely Vagabond (2008) 'There is also a thumping male vibe to this record; it really does conjure up images of lads at the bar. One for the boys, this.' Richard Foster, Incendiary Magazine review of Born To Bar Band (2007) 'This rough debut will turn some heads and hopefully the right ones, as a cohesive unit of songs released by a solid record label would give their talents the attention they so deserve.' Sari Delmar, Audioblood Zine review of Born To Bar Band (2007) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms ma...

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