Big Cyc

Big Cyc (Cyc means Tit in polish) - Polish punk-rock band founded in 1988 by Skiba born in Gdańsk and other 3 members from Ostrów Wielkopolski.The members of Big Cyc met at the University of Łódź. Jędrzejak played guitar in a student reggae band Rokosz, Skiba performed in student theatre Pstrąg and in many school cabarets. In 1988 Rokosz broke up, and Jędrzejak wanted to create a new rock band. Jędrzejczak, Lis, Skiba, and Lechowicz joined him and they created Big Cyc. In March 1988 the student club Balbina housed the first show of Big Cyc, called Uroczysta akademia na cześć 75-lecia wynalezienia damskiego biustonosza (A solemn ceremony to celebrate the 75th anniversary of invention of women's brassiere). Big Cyc made successive songs, and in 1990 they published their first album, Z partyjnym pozdrowieniem. The album became a hit in Poland and in short time Big Cyc became well-known in the country. Successive songs and albums of Big Cyc took a sarcastic look on the reality of Polish politics and people. Often in ironic manner, the songs expose issues like problems of Polish youth, economic disproportions, drug addiction, or silliness of TV commercials. In 1996 Big Cyc published their seventh album, called Z gitarą wśród zwierząt (With guitar among animals), which contains the most famous song in history of band, Makumba, the stereotypical story of an African student in Poland. Two newest albums of Big Cyc, Świat według Kiepskich (World according to Kiepscy...

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