Big Drill Car

Big Drill Car was a pop/punk group from Huntington Beach, California. Frank Daly (vocals)and Mark Arnold (guitar)were in the seminal Orange County, CA punk rock band MIA. They actually formed Big Drill Car during the last days of MIA to have fun and play some covers and originals that they had written that were not MIA type songs. They were a very hard working, hard touring band. Touring the US and Canada many times. Big Drill Car regularly played with ALL and the Chemical People. In fact Stephan (guitar for ALL/Descendents) did some production work for them. They released 5 records and countless singles: Small Block (originally released on their own label VARIENT RECORDS and later re-released on CRUZ), ... Type Thing (on CRUZ), BATCH (CRUZ), TOURED A Live Album recorded at CBGBs (Cargo records) and NO WORSE FOR THE WEAR (Cargo Records). After breaking up in 1995, 2 former members Frank Daly (vocalist) and Mark Arnold (guitarist) has continued making music with their recent side project band All Systems Go!. Line-Up * Frank Daly - Vocals * Mark Arnold - Guitar * Bob Thomson - Bass (1987-1992) * Darrin Morris - Bass (1992-1995) * Danny Marcroft - Drums (1987-1992) * Keith Fallis - Drums (1992-1995) * Jamie Reidling - Drums (he belongs in here too) Discography * Small Block (1988, EP) * CD Type Thing (1989) * Batch (1991) * Toured (A Live Album) (1993, live) * No Worse for the Wear (1994 Read more on User-contribut...

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