Big East

In a land full of quiet folk and hip-defying dance beats, Big East has set out to do the one thing they know how: rock. After gaining exposure with their debut album Condita (Naked Ear Records) the band has been tirelessly working on songwriting, as well as crafting their live shows into a veritable three-ring circus. The band combine the classic blues, soul, and rock & roll ideas of their musical forefathers with an urgent and modern indie-rock vibe. Big East crafts their songs with an impressive whiskey-soaked precision that pulls on heartstrings, raises fists for pumping and allows for all who listen to get down. On February 26th, Big East released a new single, Camel Blues, on CD and later on a limited pressing of 7” vinyl in hopes of continuing the momentum that they have built over the last year. The two songs on the single are a testament to the hard work and care that the band puts into all of its efforts; “Camel Blues” showcases the bands’ dynamic, rhythmic and melodic consciousness. B-side “Goes Without Sayin’” puts all that aside with an all out aural assault of over-driven guitars, booming drums, funky bass and searing harmonica. Camel Blues is a two-song effort that serves as a catalyst to bridge the Big East of the past to their vision of the future of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Big East will hit the road for the first time on a tour of the Eastern United States a week following their single release show. If there was ever any question as to why ...

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