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King Kalabash and Baron Black were born on the Caribbean island Martinique and they keep returning there each year now. At the end of the 80s, they had won a singer contest, thanks to which they left to represent their home country in France. There, they found their second home. Both merged with the environment there quickly and spontaneously founded an association they named BIG FAMILI. The goal of this big family is to discover and connect all hidden talents and give them a chance to show themselves. Both artists so share their experience and resources with young people in their surroundings, so that they mutually support and inspire each other in their creative activity. In the year 1990, they have founded the ZION SON (Sound of Zion) sound system, but besides, they continue to do technical craftsmanship and work with various natural materials to stimulate their creativity. This has to do with the fact that BIG FAMILI is a group connecting not only musicians but also artists from various creative areas… Together, they are for example producing original lamps, bracelets and own paintings, giving them their own completely original and non-conventional character. Besides this, both singers record songs for various compilations and travel to sing at all kinds of humanitarian events, including the well-known Bourges Spring, where they have been accepted enthusiastically in the year 1999. Very successful were also their two visits to the Czech Republic, where they accompanie...

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