Big Fish

There are several bands called Big fish: Big fish is a band formed in Uppsala, Sweden in 1988. At the recording of the first demo The Natural Powers the clarinetist David Molin left the band and was replaced by Arvid Eriksson. Since then the set up has been: David Giese: Song and Machines, Tomas Gustavsson: Drums, Accordion and Claviatures, Andreas Iverhed: Bass and Song and Arvid Eriksson on Guitarr. They where influenced by the Berlin and Hamburg Underground Scene with band such as Einstürzende Neubauten, KMFDM and Vladimir Estragon. So they started out with sampled, brutal rythms and metal-on-metal as drums and experimented with several genres such as Jazz, Punk, Rock and Swedish folk music. Around 1996 the band was put on hold since Arvid moved to London and David started studying art. ---- What is Big Fish? Big Fish is a London based 3 piece taking inspiration from the British1960's to create a contemporary melodic rock sound that reflects the fears and aspirations of now. Their influences include King Crimson, The Beatles, Radiohead and The Police. Who is Big Fish? The band first started as a 5 piece called Blackbird. Formed in the late 90's in Wroclaw, Poland where they were a popular live group in Wroclaw’s thriving live music scene. After a period of dispersal Blackbird got together again, this time as Big Fish to record their soon to be released album ‘Impossible Blue’ including the single ‘Big Fish’. Big Fish cons...

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