Big House

Big House is 1) a Canadian punk/glam/rock band. 2) a rapper from Pennsylvania. 3) a country band from Bakersfield, California. 4) an Art/Rock band from Boston 1) Members: First Line-up: Tim Balash - bass, vocals, sang lead on a few songs Laurie Bulback - guitar Jan Ek - vocals, guitar Sjor Throndson - drums Bio: After Scott left Down Syndrome, the rest of us took a while finding a replacement, and coming up with a new name - our sound had changed so much, it wouldn't have been fair to us or the old fans. We chose the name of our old huge house, cause we couldnt think of anything better! It's difficult to describe our sound then, as it kept changing, but we were listening to a lot of classic rock, Zep, TRex, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Stones, Ian Hunter, Floyd and some of the melodic HC crossovers like Husker Du and Neurotic Arseholes, and alt-indie bands like the Cult and RHCP's. We played punk shows with SNFU, D.O.A., Doughboys, Tupelo Chain Sex, No Means No...many more. I wrote Baby Doll during this line-up which would be released several line-ups later, to hit #3 on Much Music rotation in 1992, and become a minor wedding favorite for popmetal fans in Manitoba(I hope you caught the sarcasm). L.A. was also written during this line-up, and both songs were about a punk I wont/will embarrass. Other lyrics reflected the punk scene and our own part in it (Career Boy, Come Along). So is Big House a punk band? Probably more like a burgeoning glam band from the alt-indie scene like Gree...

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