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Big Joe was born in Pasadena, Tx March 24th 1984. He spent his early childhood raised at a homeless shelter with his family until 1997. There he experienced a very Real Life atmosphere, which included seeing all types of people, from drug addicts, prostitutes, out of luck families, come together to make that situation work. Joe Recounts, There were countless experiences from Fights, to drugs, to people committing suicide. However, combined with learning about God at an early age, and seeing the people that actually made it out alive, he feels it all helped age his perspective and keep him focused. The family moved to Galveston when the Shelter was shut down due to a conflict with the city where It was located. Ignoring most of the young life lessons they learned, Him, and his brothers(1 older, 1 younger) all got involved in selling/using drugs, getting into trouble, and trying to find a way to make quick money. Eventually, Their close group of friends formed the Ace-0-Trey click on the west end of the island. They produced/released three underground freestyle/screwed and chopped mixtapes with Joe at the helm at 16. Ace-0-Trey broke up a year or so later. Joe then went down a very serious spiritual path. He spent 4 years as a part of Christian Rap Group Souljaz on tha Rize. The Group never released a Full project, though several adaptations of projects do exist. The Group did, however, see some local touring success. Joe is quoted as saying It was one of the biggest, and...

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