Big Mama

There are two groups and two singers called Big Mama: 1. Big Mama - a Korean female pop/rnb group 2. Big Mama - a French ska/reggae/punk/rock band 3. Big Mama - a Catalan blues singer 4. Big Mama - a Albanian pop-folk singer from Macedonia 1. Big Mama (빅마마) is a Korean female pop and rnb group from YG Entertainment. Their first music video (for Break Away, their first single), showed four thin, pretty Korean women performing on a stage that are revealed to be lipsynchers; the actual singers are Big Mama, standing behind the stage singing passionately. This was new since major female artist in Korea are thin and pretty Big Mama showed another side. This strong single catapulted the group into the top of the music charts, with their album selling over 100,000 copies. As the name of the band indicates, Big Mama is a 4-member female vocal band consisting of 4 “big” women – both in terms of physique and vocal talents. Despite their great talents in singing, most of the 4 members of the band had to perform as back chorus singers because of their “not so beautiful” appearances. Of course, that is only compared to the female singers who have Barbie-like figures and faces. Yang Hyun-seok, Former member of Taeji and Boys, discovered the talents of the 4 female vocalists and teamed them up as a band to stir up the local pop music scene with a sensational wave that great singers with great voices can be successful without brilliant dances or appearances. Shin Yeona, t...

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