Big Momma


A 25 year old Florida, United States of America native, Big Momma began his journey into music in 2006. His primary focus was Graphic Design and T-Shirt printing at the time, until he noticed that his musical stylings began to grow a large fanbase in 2010. What started as a hobby slowly flourished into a full blown quest for notoriety and a permanent spot amongst your favorite rap artists. It was after distributing his content under the alias Lucifuck on his popular Tumblr blog, and having it well-received, that he decided to seriously pursue a rap career. From a combination of his deep tone, versatile style, and raunchy lyrics, the rap name Big Momma was created. Not to mention, the artist draws a lot of his inspiration from the late Notorious B.I.G and Lil Kim. His style and rap name audaciously speaks to his sexuality as an openly gay male, although his music is intended for and well-received by global audiences of all sexual orientations. As far as being a Gay Rapper a writer from the online blog Pigeons & Planes said it best Even more worth noting is that although Big Momma may consider himself a gay rapper, he might want to consider introducing himself as a rapper that’s gay, because no matter how in-your-face the content is, it’s clear that he takes the art of rapping seriously. Unbeknownst to most, Big Momma uses his music as an outlet to express thoughts, experiences, rage, and fantasies that he could not, and to this day still cannot, express openly around or ...

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