Big Rich

Richard Bougere Jr. aka Big Rich was born and raised in the slums of the world famous Fillmore district in San Francisco California. Fillmore, once a thriving community of black owned businesses in the mid 50s has completly evolved. Now its a place where drug dealing, prostitution, and murder is extraordinarily common. Rich grew up in the Banneker Homes Housing Projects which is the heart of the murder and crime infested neighborhood. Rich has lost over 50 friends and family members to the streets. Funerals are so common to me now. I dont even cry or feel sad anymore, my feelings are numb says Rich. He found hip hop at age 9 when him and his cousins Noot Rich and Mark D started rapping in their uncle's garage. Rich who was the youngest out of the crew wasnt able to keep up lyrically. Still determined to rap, Rich got help from a young mc who lived around the corner from his uncle's house. He wrote Rich's first rhyme and they recorded the song king of the stage. This young mc went on to become the Bay Area rap legend San Quinn. Shortly after recording the song with his cousins Rich lost interest in music and gained interest in sports. But at age 12 music re-entered Rich's life and never left again. He began rapping with his boys from the same housing projects and they crafted their skills in Rich's bedroom/mini recording studio. Man, we started out recording on a karaoke machine my mom bought me for christmas, says Rich. At this time, Rich became more interested in producing...

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