Big Sky

There are a few bands named Big Sky: 1) A rock band from Gainesville, Florida 2) A band from Minneapolis. 3) An emo band from Iowa: Here is their bandcamp. 4) A folk rock band from Milwaukee 5) A South African rock band, best known as the opening and supporting act for Rodriguez' 1998 tour of South Africa as depicted in the 2013 Oscar-winning documentary 'Searching For Sugar Man' 1) After twelve years, nearly 50,000 albums sold independently (before Facebook, myspace and itunes), and acquiring a lifetime of stories, the members of Gainesville, Florida based Big Sky played their final full scale national tour in early 2005. Big Sky’s definitive studio album aptly titled, This Monstrosity, echoed what this humble five-piece rock band endured over the years together. With little gas in the tank, several line-up changes and a nasty split with management, Big Sky wanted to set the record straight. “The only thing we had were the songs we wrote in the middle of that mess. We knew we had something genuine and real,” reflects former front man Mark Gaignard. With a “who cares, let’s just rock” honesty about it, the 13 song album This Monstrosity was more focused, polished, and the hooks hit much harder than on past recordings. Lyrically, Big Sky took a more heart-felt approach. On the single David Bowie, Mark Gaignard sings sarcastically of what it might be like to be famous, while at the same time, paying homage to some of music’s greats. He spouts off his feelings o...

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