Big Swamp Gospel A fictional narrative album about god and the devil, set in a spooky small town. (We are not Christians or Satanists. This is a made up story.) Songs alternate between the perspective of two different characters: Preacher Paul. A twenty-four year old minister, assigned on an interim basis to parishes known by church officials to be straying from the righteous path of Jesus Christ. Tommy Sage. A wanderer who fled his childhood home in Moss Bluff ten years ago to seek honest work in the cities of the North. He now returns at twenty-five to visit his dying father. credits released 15 September 2013 Wyndham Maxwell: piano, keyboards, vocals, drums, bass. Pat “the bunny”: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drums, bass. Lane Douthit: foreman. Thomas Pollard: silent partner. All songs were written and recorded by Pat and Wyndham in a week's time, during the heady summer days of August 2013. Were we not so young then, so foolish―and yet shining!, with a brilliance since lost to wiser years and better judgement? Released September 2013 by Savage Wasteland Music Collective. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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