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Big Syke aka Mussolini “Real Souljah’s never retreat”, says Big Syke. From Little Psycho to Big Syke, the name represents the graduation of each grade from the school of the streets. Born and raised in Inglewood, California, Big Syke comes from where hip-hop was born; the spot where the mind is challenged against circumstances, “You gotta be crazy to survive in the jungle”. Drugs, sex, and violence lured him and many of his comrades into destruction until Syke decided to turn to the solace of music. Big Syke starts telling his story with ‘Evil Mind Gangstas’. EMG was not a rap group or a crew per se; rather a collection of like-minded individuals who hung out together, supported each other, and just happened to record their history by making rap songs. Using his hustling skills, Syke sold thousands of EMG’s first album, “All Hell Breakin’ Loose”, which became the soundtrack to the lives of so many inner-city youth. The hard work put toward EMG built up his street credibility and led him into new musical relationships. In 1991, Big Syke met Tupac Shakur and they quickly became, ‘Closest Road Dog’’s, (Tupac Shakur, Until The End Of Time). This relationship marked another grade of street graduation, as Big Syke also became Mussolini – the first of Tupac’s OUTLAWs. The two made lots of songs together, starting with, ‘T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E.’, which is one of many songs that was never released in its original form. Big Syke was also featured on, ‘Ho...

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