Big Tent Revival

(courtesy of Ardent Records) Discography Greatest Hits (2002) Big Tent Revival LIVE (2001) Choose Life (2000) Amplifier (1998) Open All Night (1996) Big Tent Revival (1995) Few bands in any genre can claim a Grammy nomination for every album they have recorded. Big Tent Revival is one such band. But even with three critically acclaimed albums, numerous Dove and Grammy nominations, and a slew of #1 radio hits to their credit, they insist that the accolades, while affirming, are not the reason the band exists. Driven by a desire for musical excellence and spiritual maturity, Steve Wiggins (guitar/vocals), Spence Smith (drums), Randy Williams (lead guitar), Steve Dale (bass), and David Alan (keyboards), hit the road for 200+ dates per year for one single purpose—to tell the world about Jesus. Whether they are speaking to 5000 kids in a packed out concert hall, or having a quiet conversation over coffee at the local Waffle House, inevitably they will challenge their audience to Choose Life. Meeting at the corner booth at Merridee's Restaurant to discuss their recently completed fourth album, Wiggins, Smith, and Williams joke about a variety of guy things before settling into a battle of who has the best scar story. Wiggins wins with a hilarious tale of how he got stitches in his cranium. But, true to their calling, even jokes about scars soon evolve into a discussion about Jesus. The great thing about scars is that they remind you of what not to do, Wiggins says. Wha...

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