Big Trouble


Between 1990 and 1992, one band ruled the hard rock streets of Atlanta, GA… and that band was Big Trouble! Besides opening for such acts as Extreme, Skid Row, Bulletboys, and Jackyl (as well as many more), Big Trouble was selling out shows around the city and Southeast all by themselves. In two short years James Schmitt, Mike Wilkes, Dan Call, and Chuck Strawhand, created a massive fan base and rabid support in the area. They were courted by many record labels but as 1993 settled in, the ‘Seattle sound’ took over and changed the rock landscape of the decade. The band members decided to pursue other musical interests and thus the band ended. Recently, the original Big Trouble demos were pulled out of the vault to be copied to digital files by bassist, Dan Call. The energy of the young band came pouring out in the studio and the idea was born for this ‘Best Of’ collection. It’s been remixed and re-mastered at Griffin Mastering Studios from the original 8-track tapes. These songs were recorded in a haze of pure passion and spilled beer at Cloud Land Studios Clarkston, GA in the spring of 1990. What you’ll hear is the energy of a young band ready to take over the world. From ‘Hot Shot’ to ‘No Stopping Now’ you’ll also hear the unique difference between Big Trouble and the rest of the pack…this wasn’t just another hair metal band. Big hooks, bluesy, smart and just a great band…period. All 4 members have since moved on to successful careers and famil...

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