Big Whites' Remorse

With Big Whites' Remorse was formed in September 2008. It all began with the usual rehearsal of the initial start-up group .... comb: Sergey Ermakov Alexey Fedyukin vocals-guitar Golubev Denis Alexander the Verizhnikov-guitar-bass-drums Alexei Seliverstov .... Style is defined as Metalsore .. The band lasted until the end of February .... change the composition began with the singing ... For the microphone got Skiba Nick (ex Ray Gun, Insignia ).... started work on changing the program and style of music .... the question was raised about the change of guitarist (Denis Golubeva in connection with his relocation from the city ).... on the role of guitarist agreed Kosichkin Ivan .... with his arrival and determined style of creativity Big Whites' Remorse (at least so we thought it was time )...... done a lot of work over the size and evenness of the game .... Until September 2009 the group had the composition: Nikolai Skiba Fedyukin vocals Alex-guitar Verizhnikov Alexander-bass Kosichkin Vanya Alexei Seliverstov guitar-drums ... But in September, Ivan Kosichkin was forced to leave the band for personal reasons ...... at the same time, the group received a proposal from Vova Lesh add music electronic samples and not thinking long group agreed .... After some thought the post was a guitarist taken Nikolai Zaitsev ..... at the moment style Big Whites' Remorse is defined as Trance Death Core .... in December 2009 we were joined by Alex Winds (Ex / When My World Collapse), he assumed...

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