Big Wilson River

Big Wilson River, a longstanding band of the Northern New Jersey music scene, takes the raucous energy and adventurousness of contemporary indie rock and melds it with the sweeping American narratives of more than a century of folk music to create a musical force influenced by voices as disparate as Pavement and John Prine. Signed to up-and-coming Bergen County, New Jersey record label Trunk Rock Records, the band released its first full-length album, Octopus, last year, garnering widespread Internet buzz and critical acclaim. After years in the local coffeehouse and state college circuit, and several lineup changes, the band has tempered and solidified their electric live show. Today, Big Wilson River is Darrin Bradbury (vocals, rhythm guitar), Emma McLaughlin (vocals), Tyler Peckio (lead guitar), Dan Scarpa (bass), and Alex Drivanos (drums). The group is all-electric, belying its acoustic folk roots, and inspires more mosh pits than many so-called punk rock groups today. Darrin Bradbury shared vocal duties with Emma McLaughlin adds dynamic tension and a healthy dose of drama to the material. Lyrically, the songs are full of sordid tales from the road, twisted meditations on death within life and life within death, and a takes a wry sense of humor toward its subjects. Frenetic rock and roll drumming from Drivanos drives the narrative forward while Peckio's blistering licks recall the sunburn you get after a really great day at the beach. Big Wilson River has played li...

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