Big city bombers

Big City Bombers keep it raw, real and interesting with a hard-hitting fusion of classic punk, finger callusing bass lines, pounding drums and gritty, snotty guitar rhythms. Giving a much needed punch to the gut to American punk and a wake up call to rock n roll in general, put down the eyeliner and the hair brush and grab your baseball bat and your Old English, Big City Bombers is in town. Big City Bombers got their start in late 2007, breaking in to the Orlando punk scene hard and fast with the goal of proving that punk was still alive and well in Central Florida. Throughout the years they have been playing show after show just screaming to be heard. But, their intensive tour schedule and constant show playing can take a huge toll leading to a few line-up changes within the band. Though the core of Big City Bombers was always left un-bruised and intact. The band eventually solidified a line up with Alex on vocals and guitar, Justin on 2nd guitar and vocals, Ben on bass and vocals, and Jason on drums and vocals. These 4 are a force to be reckoned with. Between Ben’s thundering bass walks, Jason’s unsettling speed and precision, Justin’s deadly riffage and Alex’s dangerous execution, all topped off with a cocky vocal style you can’t help but sing along with. Over the years the band has been on 4 east coast tours in the past 3 years as well as a national tours making Big City Bombers gig schedule harsh and ruthless and showing their white-knuckle dedication to this b...

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