Blümchen's real name is Jasmin Wagner. She is also known as Blossom. She was born on the 20th April 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. Blümchen (meaning Blossom or small flower) is a nickname given by her mother. Blümchen released English versions of her singles/albums under the name Blossom. Blümchen began her singing career in the school choir. In November 1995, the 15-year-old Hamburg schoolgirl Jasmin Wagner first hit the German Media Control charts with an upbeat rave-pop version of the Paso Doble German New Wave hit Herz An Herz (which eventually reached number 4). It was a huge success with over 340 000 copies sold. Herz An Herz was followed by Kleiner Satellit (Piep, Piep), released in March 1996, which wasn't such a great success compared to her previous hit Herz an Herz. In June 1996, single number three was released, it was titled Boomerang and it directly became a mega-hit. In September 1996 the single Du und Ich was released and in November 1996 she released a remake of Queen's old hit Bicycle Race. This song was included in the Queen Dance Traxx project. In January 1997 Jasmin got the BRAVO Golden Otto and she won in several categories (Best CD, Best National Female Singer and Best show). She has also won several other awards, including the Echo Award (German Grammy Awards) for Best German Female Artist of 1996. In February 1997 she released the album Herzfrequenz - Die Goldedition , which was a double CD. The first CD is the same as Herzfrequenz but the se...

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