BloodWerks is an industrial metal band, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The band was formed in 1998 by high school friends Vermilion Zero (vocals), Raymond Bates (drums), Frank Kahsar (bass) and James Barber (guitar). BloodWerks has seen many different incarnations, in terms of line-up, music style and performance. That said, BloodWerks is most accurately described as the ongoing experimental music project of Vermilion Zero. Self-taught composer, instrumentalist, lyricist and engineer, Vermilion writes and produces all of the band's work and has been the only consistent member. The various line-up changes over the years have brought Vermilion into collaborations with many different musicians, and this has greatly influenced the band's continually evolving sound. Maturing from the early days of its metal roots, BloodWerks now comprises more of an industrial/darkwave sound, as Vermilion has developed an increasing taste and talent for electronic sequencing - as well as an interest in classical and orchestral composition. Although the music continues to evolve, the message behind it has remained the same; BloodWerks consistently seeks to write thoughtful music that challenges listeners to criticize the social and political cultures around them. The current line-up consists of Vermilion Zero (vocals, sequencing), Tim Conboy (bass), SyKo (guitars), Chairon (supporting vocals) and Raymond Bates (drums). With this lineup, BloodWerks is currently working in studio on a new album, ...

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