There are 3 bands known by the name Bloodsport. 1) A Chicago punk band in the mid-80s. 2) A Christian hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia. 3) An ambiant and downtempo electronic artist. 4) A band from Sheffield, UK who play afrobeat mixed with post punk/noise rock, and who actually have a space in their name but hates them. 5) A beatdown/hardcore/metal band from the UK. 1) Bloodsport was an important, albeit lesser known, Chicago punk band in the mid-80s. Unfortunately, Bloodsport is most well known for the bands that the members were in before or after the band. They released one EP in 1985 and continued to play live until most of their members joined The Effigies in 1987. Line up: * Dave Bergeron - Vocals * Chris Bjorklund - Guitar/Vocals * Tom Woods - Bass/Vocals * Joe Haggerty - Drums 2) Growing up in Adelaide's hardcore scene, it's hard not to become overwhelmed. With amazing bands such as Embodiment 12:14, I Killed The Prom Queen, Shotpointblank and Day of Contempt leading the way, following in their footsteps can be a little daunting. Four friends came together and decided to take up the challenge and the result is BLOODSPORT - passionate, ferocious, message filled hardcore that hits harder than a fist to the jaw. With lyrics relating to Spiritual Warfare, friendship and overcoming the hard times, bloodsport is a band that every hardcore kid can relate to. With the release of their 2006 demo and there debut album 'Imprisonment' ou...

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