There are at least 5 bands using the name Bloodstone 1 Bloodstone was a funk / soul / rock group formed in the 1960s in Kansas City, Missouri. Bloodstone was instrumental in the black rock and funk movement of the 1970's, and even had a hand in the brown-eyed soul movement with some Latin music-tinged hits. Originally a high school doo-wop group, the members eventually moved to Los Angeles, California, learned to play instruments, and started a funk band. They became known for their funk / soul tracks that blended Jimi Hendrix-styled rock music with doo-wop and gospel music undertones. In 1973, Bloodstone's big label debut was an instant hit, with the single Natural High reaching the R&B Top Ten. 2 Bloodstone is a metal band from Singapore Formed in 2004 and named after the Judas Priest song Current Lineup: Mike Destruction - Guitar / Vocals Zeek - Bass Cliff - Guitar Jahannam - Drums 3 There's another band called Bloodstone. Bloodstone is a melodic hard rock band from Australia with 2 emigrants from Czech Republic formed by: Zoran Grozdi - Vocals Joe “Cool” La Ferlita - Guitar George Harris - Bass Vendula Kasparkova - Keyboards Klaudius Kryspin - Drums Bloodstone released an album called The Awekening in 1994 by Mediarex records. 4. The fourth band is a swedish Death Metal band called Bloodstone.They released a landmark underground death metal album in 1996 by the name of Hour of the gate,and split in the same year. Th...

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