Bloodsworn was born out of the HFS Militia, and play pure Satanic Black Metal. The band itself has its roots from the second wave of Black metal and its members have been more or less active since 1990/ 91 with different musical projects, magazines and “activities” concerning Satanism and Black metal. And even though the fourth wave is upon us, they have never lost sight of the very essence of what Black Metal is supposed to be. During December 1998 e.v. Bloodsworn recorded an unnamed rehearsal tape containing two songs “Frykt Djevelen” (eng. Fear the Devil) and “ Stormens Roest” (eng. The voice of the Storm). Through this tape they got a record deal with the Norwegian label Head not Found. But due to financial problems at HNF the deal fell through. In 1999 e. v. Bloodsworn started recording their debut album ALL HYLLEST TIL SATAN (eng. All Hail Satan). And later they signed with Norwegian label Flesh for Beast, but before the label could release the debut album FFB also had financial troubles and the label was laid to rest by Sorgar. Later, Bloodsworn signed with Agonia Records. We’ll just have to wait and see if the curse carries on or if BLOODWORN actually will be able to have ALL HYLLEST TIL SATAN released. But curse or no curse, the members were here before the first church in Norway burnt to the ground and BLOODWORN sure as Hell won’t back down now!! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; addi...

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