There are three bands: 1) Thrash metal band from Poland, Poznań 2) Experimental black ambient/industrial project from SW Florida. 3) Hardcore band from Illinois. 1) The band was formed in march '99, but the first fine line-up came up in 2000: Rambo (guitar), Marcin (guitar/vocals) and Damian (drums). It was the time, when first tracks were born, and it was obvious that the music would be rude and asskicking - it was thrash metal. Not everyone liked it, so in the middle of 2000 Rambo - the founder and leader - was left alone. He decided to take on the vocals and complete a line-up with Slayer (dr), Angsar (bass) and later on Kura (guitar). In August '01 the first demo - End is the Beginning - has been recorded and brought five tracks of raw and ugly thrash. The response was various, cause the sound was very poor. At the time some new tracks came up, being far more improved, but still in the same style. Suddenly Angsar got bored and he was replaced by Koper. In November 2001 Bloodthirst became a trio due to Kura's decision to make something else, rather more melodic and calm in vein of early heavy metal. Although Kura was not a member of the band at the time, he engineered the recording of Bloodthirt's second demo stuff - Forgotten Years of Killing which included 5 new tracks and a cover of Slayer's Evil Has No Boundaries. At the time the band shared stage with Thunderbolt, Hell-Born, Anima Damnata, The-Nomads and many more. In may 2004 Koper has been kicked out and N...

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