BLOODWAY was born in July 2013, from the ideas of 3 musicians, Costin Chioreanu (guitar, vocals), Alex Ghita (drums) and Mihai Andrei (bass). The three ,merged their past musical experiences, challenging themselves to reach new borders of creativity, in order to shape a special band with an extremely coherent speech. The name BLOODWAY comes from the idea of experiences and paths that somebody can achieve and discover during a lifetime. The reason why the band kept everything secret - from it's own existence to any updates concerning creative progress - until this very moment it is simply the band member's desire of presenting just the results of their creativity, completely ignoring the nowadays social aspects of having a band. We were totally focused on developing what we wanted to build together, so we just locked ourselves in the cell and kept everything away from the world outside. Our main goal was first to find our own path and to record a debut material as concentrated as possible. We simply left outside the door any possible influence from the people around us, Costin Chioreanu explains. Even our closest friends had zero information on our existence as a band, until today... but our purpose demanded that precisely. In September 2013 BLOODWAY recorded a live demo and sent it only to one label worldwide, I, Voidhanger Records from Italy, label that signed the band on the spot. I worked with them in the past on some graphic projects, Costin says, I saw how much passion...

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